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Why publish?

We are all learners. I never believe that my cup is full. I believe that mastery in any discipline implies making a contribution to the wider scope of knowledge with a long-lasting effect through staying on the path of research and development. With this stance, I am interested in embarking on a journey of mastery by relentlessly identifying and proposing ways for how to develop – continuously and sustainably.


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Presence: Is it the X-Factor?

Breaking new ground in systemic coaching & leading - guided by Harvard-Grant based research -

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Andi Robert's Notes from coaching interview with Tünde Erdös

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Mehr Klarheit, mehr Vertrauen, mehr Identität für Unternehmen als Coaching-Kunden

The humanity of excellence: crossover from coaching practice to PhD

Tünde Erdös is a highly experienced executive coach who is currently doing her PhD research on coaching presence

Coaching presence – Contribution to research

So far, not many research exist on coaching presence, since measuring such an abstract concept looks