PhD in Business and Organizational Management


Why partner up? Why venture?

The power of partnering up and entering into ventures with others lies in solving challenges in a way that one heart and one mind are never capable of achieving: this approach goes beyond the famous saying ‘two heads are better than one’. In today’s fast-paced world of ‘doing it alone’, I perceive great value in harnessing the strengths and abilities of others – not just one particular other – in how we can serve our clients. Partnerships are not just about growth as growing for growth sake is foolish. What does growth serve? The purpose of growing together for me lies in the potential value we can co-create by leaning into each other’s competencies, capabilities and capacities such that our clients can thrive. Clients partner up and venture too. How are we in our role as executive coaches and learning developers role-modeling what we expect our clients to showcase effectively?

Angelis Iglesias

MSc PCC Applied Psychology Scientist-Practitioner
Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine professionals work with Angelis to communicate their accomplishments, do the work they love, and make a social impact. She has a master’s in science, a graduate certificate in Higher Education, Teaching of Psychology, and Harvard graduate work in the Science of Coaching Psychology and Personality Psychology. She holds coach certifications and training in Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Highly Sensitive People (HSP), and Relationship Coaching.
She is the co-author of The Coaching Science Practitioner Handbook and author of The Coaching Science Practitioner Research Planner. She helps practitioners develop courses and presentations for the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Talent Development Association (ATD), Society of Human Resources Management Association (SHRM), and American Colleges of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).
She is a member of American Psychological Association (APA), Society of Consulting Psychologists (SCP), and Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School (IOC).
Angelis runs organizational workshops like Google #IamRemarkable, Lean In #50Ways to fight bias, and #ChooseToChallenge and others because she believes the needs of all men, women and children are equally important.

Barbara Asimakopoulou

MBA, Marshall Goldsmith & ICF PCC accredited Executive Coach & ICF certified training provider
Barbara Asimakopoulou, founder of HRE Greece, provides and leads an ACSTH ICF accredited Professional Training Program “CSTP-Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice”. CSTP’s coaches participated in my international longitudinal research project investigating non-verbal synchrony, self-regulation and goal attainment in coaching between 2018 and 2019. Barbara has also committed to engage in upcoming research projects the goal being to create awareness of the relevance of evidence base in professionalizing coaching practice among CSTP coaches. This affiliation is carried by the shared purpose of training coaches with a clear dedication to high professional standards in coaching.
In this sense, since 2018, I have been a member of CSTP’s International Advisory Board of Distinguished Experts. My commitment involves fostering ethics in research and professional standards in coaching practice – now and in the future.

Claire Venetsanakou

Organizational Psychologist | Learning & Development consultant & Coach

Claire Venetsanakou is an Organizational Psychologist, Learning & Development Consultant and Coach. As an Organizational Psychologist, Claire has coached workforce as well as designed and implemented performance-related measures including experiential learning programs in various industries. Claire’s leadership roles share one common quality: human development. She is inspired to mindfully deliver meaningful impact on our fellow humans and humanity while enjoying to go beyond what seems possible, as she knows that behaviour influences. Claire has designed a framework philosophy for her practice called “W.E.L.L. in Harmony™“. After managing the Hellenic coach-coachee participation in the research project on coaching presence, Claire is partnering with Tünde Erdös to create a research-based training program on presence.

Carin Bladh, ICF MCC

Carin Bladh, known as Carin Coach, is an executive coach based in Sweden, and an author of three interactive coach books, all three linked together in a holistic manner.
She runs a podcast “Viktigt på riktigt, by Carin Coach” – “What really matters”, is active on social media and uses Live tv on her website.

She writes for well-known newspapers and has been a blogger for 30 years. As an MCC (Master Certified Coach), she wears the highest badge of ICF (International Coach Federation).

She runs Carin Coach AB, which was established in 2007. 

Her passion for the field of deep learning, deep coaching, and further development beyond the obvious has been alive for 35 years.