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Curious about the Paradox of ‘Competent, Experienced, Professional And Yet Yearning’ in your leadership to leave a mark?

Let Us Introduce You To A Year-Long Journey Where We’ll Equip You To

Re-imagine your leadership with joy and focus on true success - on the pulse of time

Join our Open House Event..

...and reflect with us if this learning journey is for you.

Many Leaders Today Are

Caught Up In A Rat Race Competing With Goals, Skills, Time And Themselves …

just like your customers, navigating today’s sweeping shift in personal and collective consciousness… in a business world full of expectations of how you should lead, You’re left wondering:

who am I in all this really?

how can I make a real difference?

Carin and I, we’ve invested a fortune in personal and professional development following the latest trends in leadership

We’ve spent years studying, skilling up, and gaining ever deeper understanding of the leadership field and the competences that it takes to be a truly successful leader.

We worked on honing our competences beyond a PhD, publications, keynote speeches, presentations and podcast series, and what not.

And yet… we were left with the sense of NOT thriving with our edge… wasting ourselves with in a world that knew only one thing: bigger-faster-higher performance.

The business world just seemed to NOT UNDERSTAND our uniqueness, professionalism, level of education and wisdom, or our understanding and experience of leadership.

So, we went back to the drawing board wondering about

leadership skills..
leadership competences..
business development..
customer market place..

How to piece it all together?

Claim your exclusive bonus gift to reflect: How clear is it to you what matters to you in your leadership?

The solution we discovered is how to be and lead congruently on the pulse of time: What do we lead for?

No matter what’s outside.

No fooling ourselves.

It’s how we spark great engagement, not just any goal attainment.

It’s how we live our self-leadership beyond leadership competences.

It’s how we re-center to understand what our ecosystems need any given moment.

It’s how we navigate chaos and competition in the leadership field and help peers and customers do the same.

It’s how we stop wasting ourselves and regain our creative essence to lead with joy.

And all this congruent self-leadership™ is what YOU already have! To lead with joy, liberation and focus on true success.

We became the living proof of this as

We went deep and learned deep for a year,

We avoided quick fixes in chaotic moments,

We turned our ‘should’s and patterns around.
Our lived experiences reflect what we know from

– Latest research on Congruent Self-Leadership™ (Erdös, Wilt, Tichelmann, 2022)

– International Coaching Federation (ICF)’s purpose of social impact through coaching

– Coaching Documentary ‘The Light and Shadow of Coaching – In and Beyond Organizations’

which are the pillars we’ve established to share our learning with you.

Through a series of 12 virtual coaching workshops called “My true love story of being a leader: leading on the pulse of time”, we’ll take you on a deep learning journey to outgrow your leadership development. You’ll use your love story that no one can take away and everyone wants to see in you to feel engaged with you.


Quarter 4: OMNI-Sphere

The light and shadow of my joy

Quarter 1: I-Sphere

The light and shadow of my leadership

Quarter 3, 2024: ALL-Sphere

The light and shadow of my connectedness

Quarter 2: WE-Sphere

The light and shadow of my relationships


As coaching is leadership and leadership is coaching

Get a taste of how we like speaking about the world in our podcast shows.


"To write ✍🏻 your own 📕 book. You have to know yourself first. The coaching industry has a challenge to prove its place in the marketplace. And certifications could be a solution, if those are presented in a good way, like you Tünde and Carin are doing."


"I am utmost grateful for this beautiful and forceful learning opportunity. I really had a good time. This experiential learning fits me very well … it challenged me and helped me integrate what I learned in a powerful way: by taking action immediately and reflecting constantly. I built my awareness and flexibility as a coach, but first of all as a human being."


"Energy. I am very impressed with her technique to manage to keep the levels up and use the right tools in the right situations and thanks to that perform at a high level and at the same time enjoy it to the fullest."

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Dr Tünde Erdös, Mcc

Good to have you here. Welcome to my world. For me, coaching and leadership aren’t a profession, not even a vocation, but a pro-vocation.

This pro-vocation is about learning with leaders how they can ‘learn how to learn’ best. It’s about them re-imagining their leadership as the currency of transformation in any remarkable moment in time. The leaders of tomorrow are aware that today’s moment calls for a leadership that is rooted in coaching as a relational capacity, in the first place.

Because: coaching is leadership and, as per ICF, a social impact instrument.

I like depth. My mission is to equip leaders with a sense of inner power and liberation to disrupt old patterns of learning and leading. That’s about being empowered to leave a mark and make a difference that is relevant beyond our own needs, which is quite a big ask indeed.

As the recipient of the ICF Impact Award 2023 in the category ‘Distinguished Coach’, I pioneer learning of enduring value, one that equips leaders to successfully master that big ask to lead with joy, connected with the ‘True Love Story of Being a Leader’.

Visit Tünde here:

Carin Bladh, Mcc

I am also known as Carin Coach, an executive coach based in Sweden, and an author of three interactive coach books, all three linked together in a holistic manner.

I run a podcast “Viktigt på riktigt, by Carin Coach” – “What really matters”, am active on social media and use Live tv on my website.

I write for well-known newspapers and have been a blogger for 30 years. As an MCC (Master Certified Coach), I wear the highest badge of ICF (International Coach Federation).

I run Carin Coach AB, which was established in 2007.

My passion for the field of deep learning, deep coaching, and further development beyond the obvious has been alive for 35 years.

Together with Tünde, I aim at delivering true success to leaders who resonate with our values: serenity, interconnectedness, joy, and flow.

Visit Carin here:


Open House Ticket

Year of Learning Ticket

Open House Ticket

12 p.m. on 15th November 2023 - Live On Zoom


VIP Ticket (10 slots only)

Year-Long Learning Journey




The 12-monthly learning cycle consists of individual leadership coaching either by Carin or Tünde. You’ll choose. The journey includes the opportunity for you to write your own book of ‘My True Love Story of Being a Leader’.

Duration: January to December
Number of sessions: 12, 1 session / month à 2 hours

All session dates will be defined individually upon registration.


Learn to feel and embody Congruent Self-Leadership™ to

  • connect with your love of leadership: What do I lead for?
  • live your personal mastery beyond leadership competences
  • go against the grain, trusting your core wisdom rather than your core beliefs
  • spark engagement in ecosystems that value you for pioneering a fulfilling life
  • be purpose-driven rather than just goal-oriented or shareholder-oriented

navigate chaos, expectations and shoulds in the coaching field and help clients do the same.

As goes for the Open House Event, apart from the subscription price which will fund coach training in Kenya, you’ll invest time in yourself as the biggest value driver.

You’ll invest time and accountability in deep learning to outgrow dilemmas around your deeper yearning for a leadership edge to leave a mark. You’ll invest in your personal mastery beyond leadership mastery. That will make the difference in how to thrive in a world that knows only one thing: bigger-faster-higher performance.

As goes for the Year-Long Deep Learning journey, your investement will be EUR 11,900 excl. of VAT.


  • spark engagement naturally feeling that you’ve an edge that is congruent with the world. No matter what’s happening out there,
  • have a fulfilling leadership against the grain, and your environment will value you for pioneering a fulfilling private and professional life,
  • act purpose-driven rather than just goal-oriented or shareholder-oriented, which will foster a sense of stability in your ecosystems,
  • navigate order/chaos, stable/unstable and feel liberated and joyful,
  • break free from the expectations others have and you have of yourself as well as the ‘should’s in the leadership field,
  • help peers and customers do the same,
  • integrate your whole ecosystem of learning as you’ll realize your’ not separate from the rest,
  • revamp your image as you get under siege for not delivering as you should,
  • break free from abiding by the bigger-faster-higher performance mantras.,
  • navigate your leadership edge that’s safe disrupting old patterns of leading,

stop wasting yourself and regain your creative essence to lead with joy.

No. As the 12-month learning journey is not a set of loose and independent events, the learning we mean to co-create with you reflects a consistently and coherently built step-by-step journey that you cannot enter but in the first month of the first quarter of the year. This approach reflects our purpose, which is to provide deep learning. We offer something brand new that the leadership world has never seen before.

The Learning Journey can be held in English, German, French (with Tünde), or in Swedish (with Carin). However, you are free to use your own native language when it comes to doing reflective work and/or other exercises on your own and for your own learning.

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