PhD in Business and Organizational Management

About Us

PhD, Tünde Erdös

Executive Coach & Learning
Developer in Organizations

Who am I for you?

I coach leadership and consult organizations for  culture and complexity . The  relational way . I have a diffuse brain. Hence, I am fascinated by systems and how  humans and systems   are relationally integrated as an evolving process. So, I will coach you and develop people in your organization in your complex context  over time . What is the impact your organizational, business and private context potentially has on you? How do you potentially impact the contexts you navigate? I enjoy  high-pressure situations   and embrace the  challenge of ambiguity , when things get knotty. What’s special? My diffuse brain loves moving from moment of fear to identifying  creative solutions   as I go to meet the need of successfully dealing with such complexities.

I am guided by the principle of  FAIRness : Flexibility, Accountability, Integrity, and Reliability. In responding to your needs, my FAIRness approach reflects my dedication to use a meta-lens in coaching and consulting for complex cultural and organizational contexts. 

Who are you for me?

Firstly, you wonder what the purpose is in ‘doing’ things without ‘being’ engaged in solving  real problems   in  real-time , addressing  relevant content   in a  robust  and   reliable   manner

Secondly, you are  strong-willed , possibly  skeptical , and complex in your unique way. You are interested in coaching and organizational development as you acknowledge the relational complexity of life. You might be 

  • Seeking to thrive with your talents in your complex context
  • Exploring ways how you can make a healthy contribution to complex systems
  • Succeeding your goals intrigued how you might leverage yourself as a context and your contexts’ potential for achieving your goals

Most importantly, you are looking to  make a difference   for the future. You are aware that I am not a remedial coach. So, I will not cure any ails. Instead, I will guide you on your developmental learning journey that wishes to exert strategic influence  beyond ROI   in the complexity of your contexts. You appreciate my commitment to  advocate social responsibility   with you as a leader, would-be leader, group or team of leaders and the organizations I work  for . You value my commitment as a part and parcel of my practice under ethical guidelines. In this view, as my client you are eager to influence the  triple bottom line : people, your environment and financial sustainability.

What can I not do for you?

I liken my attitude to my assignments to those of an architect with backbone and heart . Would he take on a project that is forced on him? Would he accept requests from clients who are coerced into consulting him in a specific way? Would he allow clients to tell him how to design a building? Would he agree to design a building that would collapse or put people’s life to danger? Would he work bottom-top, or top-down, or some other way? Would he know that the foundation of his building is what is invisible – the unconscious - but that which is the core of his design ? Would he jeopardise his integrity to be less effective?

Who are we together?

Empowerment – On a co-created journey

In a landscape of constant change,
Will you know what it really takes
To have a clear purpose and, yes,
Mobilise all forces necessary –
For change?

Here is my backbone:
Let us communicate your territory!
Let us act on what you already know;
Let us act through your efforts and
the direct efforts of those who
you are committed to: lead!
Are you just doing what is needed?
Or, will you know, by default,
that the only thing you can manage
is what you know how to manage –
For change?

Here is my heart:
I refuse to take your vague requests;
I refuse to help with no measurability ahead;
I refuse to take your boss’s place as supervisor;
I refuse to anything less than a partner for you;
I refuse to do techniques management for you!
What type of coach do you deserve? –
One that will be hard-nosed and brave enough
to be real to evoke your being fully real
in the nested set of your own spheres -
For change?

Here is my signature presence:
You may not like what I have got to tell you,
You may have fantasies about what you want,
You may disagree or be in conflict with me,
You may try to hide behind some fuzzy role:
I will dance with you,
I shift my position with you,

I will reach out to find your signature presence