PhD in Business and Organizational Management

About me

Ashridge MSc. in Executive Coaching, Ashridge Accredited

Executive coach and learning developer

Senior Lecturer at HEC Paris & Supervisor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

I hate to tell you but keeping the entire problem in mind while working on its individual parts is all there ever works.


My purpose is to co-create human development with professional ethos. It is quite a task to develop and maintain a mindful eye for complex dynamic systems and how these systems impact and are impacted by human development. I am inspired to meaningfully work with the tensions between individual identity and organizational identity in human development, as needs get routinely frustrated, which is an obstacle to learning . How can we move beyond our own needs without being left with a sense of loss of identity?


My passion is to purposefully design and refine experiential learning programs as well as coach leadership within complex organizational structures and cultures. The goal is to work as a positive influencer  and thought leader  in my fields of expertise.


My presence is to continuously work on tolerating the intolerable . Both engaging in coaching presence research   and being ready to cultivate presence through professional wisdom   have inspired me to let go of who I ‘should’ be for others. What is my tolerance in that? It feels quite an intolerable space to be in to practice what is important for me   without taking myself seriously : it takes me quite some tolerance to work with   external pressure   while staying present to my purpose .


My philosophy is to take responsibility in developing the profession as a whole. This way, I aspire to look for ways to develop my own practice. Contributing as a scientist to the field of coaching psychology is about joining the global thinking regarding the future of learning development & coaching both as a business and profession. Research enhances our understanding and informs our practice. We need deep understanding of what works for our clients and their stakeholders, after all it is our clients in their systemic context that we serve. Those who wish to serve clients in their dynamic contexts need to be aware of what research is telling us about what is merely some flights of fancy, or what is data-based. It also creates opportunities for deep reflection and holistic learning with a ripple-effect.  


The field of talent and learning development and professional executive coaching is guided by various philosophies that promote best practice in organizations. When working with systems and the individual in the system, all systems dynamic theories seem to be guided by one ‘quantum’ philosophy: groups and decision-making. Groupthink is a powerful philosophical perspective that comprises working with a) the necessity of the paradox, b) the inevitability of emergence, c) the boundaries of anxiety and creative dialogue, d) the ripple-effect of interconnection, e) decision-making for change, f) the need for stability, and many more theories of learning.  

My commitment to life-long learning


HOGAN personality assessment certification with RELEVANT Managementberatung GmbH


PhD in Business and Organizational Management, Executive Coaching – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Research project was awarded a Harvard Gran by Institute of Coaching – McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate


Regional facilitator with the Mental Wellness Society, a global collaborative engagement to foster research and practice in the field of preventive mental health in all areas of life


Board Member / Director of Professional Development, Research and Ethics with International Coach Federation (ICF) Chapter Austria: project management, project program development, conference design and implementation


CoLead with Coaching Science Community of Practice at International Coach Federation (ICF) Global as per late 2020: international leadership skills development


International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation at MCC level (Master Credentialed Coach)


iEQ9 Team Enneagramm certification


EQ-i 2.0 Certification – London, October 2018


The British Psychological Society (BPS) and European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA) Certificates of Competence in the use of Ability Tests (formerly Level A) and Personality tests (formerly Level B) – The Psychometrics Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School, UK – Cambridge, December 2018


Certification at Practitioner Level in Personality Systems Interactions (PSI) Theory (Kuhl, 2000, 2001)


Accreditation as EIA Senior Practitioner with EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council – June 2018


Certification as MBTI Step I Practitioner – London, September 2017


Group & Team Coaching certificate at Ashridge Centre for Coaching, Hult International Business School


Master’s Degree in Executive Coaching & Accreditation as an Executive Coach with Ashridge Centre for Coaching, Ashridge Business School, UK


Graduation with a Masters in Translation and Simultaneous Interpreting from Universität Wien, Austria (English – German – French – Hungarian)