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Why engineer podcasts and videocasts?

To reach more people? To help grow my business, or help my business grow? No. Engineering pod-casts and video-casts is more to do with solving my own issues as I find myself in search of some plausible answers to a few nagging questions that I have. Podcasting and videocasting serves for me as a trusted ally in dialoguing with you as you may have the same nagging questions as I do. And more so, you may also be prompted to dig deep into a subject matter that does more than simply interest me. Therefore, let’s discover wisdom that might blow our mind away.

Podcast Guest Appearances

The Game of Teams - A Leader's View

In conversation with Tara Nolan, ICF MCC around the light and shadow of coaching based on the coaching documentary released on 30 April 2022.

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PRESENCE: The Colourful Chemistry of Co-Created Companionship in Coaching A Roundtable Storytelling

Why is presence a core competence in coaching? Why is it called THE skill that sets apart good coaches from great coaches?

It is because powerful questions are born in the space of presence. And coaching is a lot about asking powerful questions.

Latest research shows that coaching presence is about mastering somatic responsiveness in the coaching relationship. And somatic responsiveness is not lodged in the mind. It is lodged in the body, which is the cradle of our five senses. As such it is the most reliable instrument that can tell how we are doing and how we are performing any given moment.

I have invited Claire Pedrick ICF MCC and Claire Venetsanakou ICF ACC to share their stories of presence and presence-less-ness as an expression of their somatic responsivness with me as some free learning opportunity for coaches that aspire to skill up their presence in coaching.

In Conversation with Tünde Erdös - Being Human

Hosted by Claire Pedrick, MCC at 3D Coaching The Coaching Inn – 19th October 2021
On Being Human & Are you sure you are present? 

In this podcast, Claire is in conversation with human being, coach and academic Tünde Erdös author of Coaching Presence: Understanding the Power of the Non-Verbal Relationship. ‘We don’t know what presence is. We are on the cusp of understanding… think ‘what else could I notice but I’m not’
We also mentioned A Guide to Third Generation Coaching: Narrative-Collaborative Theory and Practice Hardcover by Reinhard Stelter

Bounce Back and Thrive

Triumphant Despite Disappointment

A truthful and private story of desperately juggling a crumbling marriage and the unswerving demands of a professional life’.
What happens when you unexpectedly realise the marriage you presumed was rock solid rapidly collapses?

How do you come to terms with moving forward on your own?

How do you react when the person you genuinely love and trust suddenly announces, “I am quitting”?

In this week’s eye-opening interview, discover how highly successful global professional Tünde Erdös consciously tapped into her incredible ability to pay ‘deeper attention’ to the ‘nagging tension’ in her body- supported her in processing and accepting the announcement, her 24-year marriage had finally crumbled.


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